Therapy for Teens


The teenage years are very difficult due to the many transitions, milestones and changes that occur in a teenager’s life. It can be very overwhelming which can cause feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

You would be surprised to learn that MANY teens struggle with self doubt, intense pressure and lack of self identity. This age can be a scary time and teens can use someone to listen to them.

This is especially true for Latinx and African American teens due to the societal implications of their minority background. I have experience working with minority teens and empathizing with the hardships of being different from the rest.

Being a teenager is already complicated enough but adding on the issues that come with being minority teen can be difficult to handle. Decisions made during this time can affect family dynamics, friendships and inner thoughts but I am here to tell you there is hope. At LTC you can explore any difficulties that relate to your cultural background and upbringing while also learning better ways to manage your family relationships, pressure from society and any feelings of anxiety, depression and self doubt.

Overall, teenagers can greatly benefit from venting in a non-judgemental space that is provided via therapy. If you believe your teenage child is struggling with their identity, feelings of intense stress/ anxiety or showing symptoms of depression, please reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.