Luxaida Hernandez Hierro


When we were young, some of us learned not to show our emotions, cry, or talk about our problems. But the truth is that we are vulnerable, we have feelings, and we are human. If you are here, you are probably overthinking about your past or present, undergoing major life transitions, experiencing relationship hardships, or feeling sad and hopeless.

Sometimes life can be chaotic, and it can be difficult not to receive support and validation from the people around us. I hope to provide you with a safe space where you can be yourself without worrying about judgment or society’s expectations.

I am here to accompany and empower you throughout your growth journey. Together, we will work towards increasing your self-confidence, regaining your emotional balance, establishing healthy relationships, healing from past trauma, and managing your anxiety. You’re not alone in this journey!

Specializes in: Substance use, alcohol, and drug addiction, Anxiety, Anger management, Burnout, Depression, Adolescents, Life transitions, Immigrants, Self-harm, Suicidality, Stress, Trauma (racial, childhood, religious, sexual), Women
Ages: 12 and up
Languages: English and Spanish

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