Therapy for Adults

Adulthood comes with many stressors and struggles. Not only are you facing the vast responsibilities of adulthood but past and present traumas can begin to affect your daily life.

Being on your own may make you realize the multitude of triggers you may have. There can be times where it’s hard to get up and enjoy work, you struggle keeping relationships intact and often feel a void or lonely. These feelings can indicate the need to ask for help. You are not alone and I am here to help you navigate these triggers.

Additionally, many of the adults living in the United States migrated here looking for the American dream as well as safety from their home country. By coming to therapy you have a chance to discuss any hardships, trauma and pain as well as any struggles adjusting to your new life.
Ever heard of imposter syndrome? Having self doubts over your accomplishments can lead to feeling like a fraud which can lead to struggles with anxiety, depression and burnout. Many successful people struggle with these feelings of uncertainty, especially those of minority backgrounds. It is important to process these feelings of inadequacy in order to fill up your cup.

At LTC, you can begin to explore the inner battle you are having with your thoughts and feelings in order to come to a peaceful conclusion. Therapy is also a place to explore previous life choices in order to make healthier choices for your future.

If this sounds like a battle you would like to end, please reach out to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.