Carlos Nunez

Master’s Level Intern

Hi! Welcome to the healing process! My name is Carlos Núñez and I am an intern student from Saint Joseph’s University, studying clinical mental health counseling. Despite being a student, I have vast experience in the mental health field that has given me the chance to support individuals, especially those from minority backgrounds, to understand, gain knowledge and accessibility to the right treatment. This experience has helped me develop my passion for counseling and mental health as I enjoy getting to know people deeply, supporting them in their healing and helping them become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Now, as a Latinx Mental Health counselor my hope is that through counseling you discover more of yourself and who you truly are. I strive to help the people in my community who may be struggling with grief and loss, transitions/change, cultural shock of immigration and any other topics affecting Latinx folks. For our culture, these topics are taboo. I am here to tell you, in your native language of Spanish, that you are not alone. It is incredibly common to feel empty and lost when experiencing a loss of any kind. Loss includes ANYTHING that has gone away and has caused you deep sorrow; this is a very painful experience. I believe that in working together you will have a safe space to navigate the stages of grief, begin to heal and gain coping skills to manage these difficulties.

At Live Truthfully our job is to give you a space where you can be yourself without judgment, guilt or fear. Counseling is all about helping you to overcome the challenges of life and my hope is that together we can figure it out. I’m sorry that you are going through this difficult time, I have also struggled in life and I have felt lost and experienced a sense of emptyness. I want to tell you that your feelings are completely valid. Give me the opportunity to get to know you and collaborate with you. I can help you create a bright and a hopeful future for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me and start working in the best investment that is your Self.

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